Frequently ranked number one in the UN annual Human Development index, Canada has been recognized as one of the top three places to live in the world, with their excellent quality of life and their deep multicultural values. As one of the world's safest, most comfortable countries to live in, citizens enjoy priviledges such as great job opportunities, quality of schooling, life expectancy and cost of living. It has one of the world's strongest economies and is a member of the G8 containing the world's most prosperous nations.

Canadian schools maintain high standards of academic excellence and are consistently recognized in top international rankings, with a Canadian degree/ certificate being considered equivalent to the degrees in other commonwealth countries and the US.

The Canadian government recognises that international students bring fresh ideas to the country and contribute a great deal to various disciplines and industries with the knowledge they bring from their home countries. Moreover, the Canadian government have demonstrated a willingness to employ foreign workers and their immigration policy has been designed with the recognition that skilled immigrants are important to the growth of the Canadian economy.

As a result, the number of international students enrolled in Canadian postsecondary institutions has been on the rise for two decades, with their numbers increasing at a higher rate than that of Canadian students, representing more than 15% of overall enrollments.